Tutorial: How to access my dietary program

Here are the steps to follow to access your after-sales training program on our impulsefitness.app

✓ Download the application on App Store or Google Play
✓ Open the application and click on “Access” in “My Diet Plan” part


✓ Click on “Do you already have an account? Authenticate yourself” by using the email address and password entered during the purchase process (or thenew password if you have changed it), then click on “Login”.


✓ Your diet program (here, the weight loss program as an example) will be waiting for you in the 2nd tab at the bottom from the right.
✓ Click on it and wait for the pdf to load, it may take a little while depending on the quality of your connection.
✓ Please note that the pdf is not recordable and cannot be printed.

WOOCS 2.2.3