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Discover how you must train and at which intensity for you to optimize your time, energy, and resting time

The suitable training frequency that fits with your level and capacities

First and foremost, training rate must be defined with considerations for your level and objectives. You’re obliged to consider the frequency with which you’ll work on each muscle group per week to have an increased performance. Then, if you’re already an active sportsman, and you’re only doing bodybuilding to reinforce your capacities, it’s better for you to focus on your principal sport while you define your weight building program. Your level also counts when you’ll define your training frequency. A person that has been training for ten years will not have the same rhythm as a beginner. The recovery time of muscles must be taken into consideration. Indeed, a beginner recuperates more rapidly than an adept. The average training rate will then fluctuates between 2 and 4 times a week depending on a person’s level and the series of exercises.

The Volume of Training You Need to Reach Your Objectives

Training’s volume is the number of the different workouts, series, and repetitions that you’ll have to do during your program. It’s primordial that you define it properly because the maximization of your progress toward your goal depends on it. On average, one session of muscle building consists of 3 or 6 exercises and each exercise is repeated 3 or 4 times. It’s the ideal volume and the minimum with which you can start to stimulate your muscles and have a first result. For example, it’s better to do only 1 abs session a week. Do 4 series each for 3 workout rather than 3 abs sessions in a week with 4 series of only one workout. So, it’s not recommended to work heavily on a muscle or a group muscle in just 1 session in a week. In fact, this can exhaust you rapidly and stop your progression.

entrainement frequence volume intensite sport

The intensity you should adopt for you to find your rhythm during your training sessions

During a training session, intensity is the importance of the weights lifted. The more the weights is heavy, the lesser is the reps, in other words, when the intensity is increasing, the volume diminishes. Concretely, an average or high intensity is said to be more effective no matter the level you have because it enables you to develop your endurance thanks to the possibility of doing longer training sessions. Indeed, intensity has an influence over the frequency and the volume of training and it’s also defined by the regeneration capacity of your muscles. So, you must temper the intensity of a workout accordingly to its frequency. If wrongly evaluated, this can lead to overtraining and a muscle fatigue. Then, to determine the right training intensity, the most important thing is to properly find the good rhythm with regards for the volume, frequency and recuperation.

Advice and tricks to avoid counterproductive and unbalanced training.

A weak training is considered as a waste of time and heavy physical efforts are ineffective too. In fact, it’s possible to go for frequency, volume and intensity at the same time. Try to find the proper balance between those three components to obtain the best results. You should always have in mind that frequency is the base of training. For example, choose to train 4 times a week with moderate volume and intensity rather than to train only 2 times a week with a more intense program. But the most important thing is to conceive your training program according to your level and your objectives. You must also remember that nutrition plays a key role in your training. Bodybuilding or diet, ask the opinion of your nutritionist to help you have the maximum effects and have a body beautifully shaped.

The secret of an effective training lies upon the balance between frequency, volume and intensity. Define your needs and your capacities well to adapt your training with them.

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