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Following a workout program that is based on the uniqueness of your body is a good strategy to optimize your training.

Perfect workout for endomorphic shape

If your body is of the endomorph type, it means that your body easily stores body fat. People who have an endomorphic shape are therefore generally quite wrapped and chubby. Concerning workouts, you have a predisposition to physical resistance. You must first do long sets with moderate weights and increase the weights gradually and in accordance to your recovery capacity. Don’t forget to do cardio session so that you can increase your endurance and burn more calories. Intensity is therefore crucial for an endomorphic shaped person. You have to work out with heavy weights to work well on your body. Concerning your nutrition, choose low-calorie meals: vegetables and fruit. Avoid foods that contain fast carbohydrates and fats. The most important thing is to choose a good nutrition while having a workout adapted to your body.

Effective workout for persons who have mesomorphic body

A mesomorphic person has a genetically muscled body, with broad shoulders, strong legs and narrow waist. They can therefore easily lose fat. Your morphology gives you the possibility to undertake an intense workout with short recovery time without exhausting yourself. The majority of workouts will suit you. The more you train, the better results you’ll have. You can choose between a high volume, high intensity, low volume, etc. Beside weights workout sessions, practice yoga or stretching. Don’t forget to do cardio sessions from time to time. Lack of flexibility can be one of your weaknesses. Choose a balanced, healthy and varied diet and be careful about carbohydrates. These could generate excess fat, especially in the abdomen.entrainement selon morphologie

Workout for people who have an ectomorph type of body 

The particularity of a person who possesses an ectomorphic body has a naturally thin body, a hip and narrow shoulders. Your metabolism allows you to eat often and digest quickly with a difficult weight gain. Choose morning training and choose your workout time carefully so that your body can have a proper relieve. Focus on intensity rather than duration. Do short workout sessions with heavy weights and sufficient recovery time. Eat high-calorie foods. Limit your consumption of carbohydrates, but you can gain more mass by including complex carbohydrates such as pasta and rice in your diet? Always remember to eat protein-rich food such as fish, eggs, etc. It is important to progress slowly and to focus on the long-term progress. This way, you will be able to reach your weight training goals.

Tips and advice to have a good training that’s suited to your morphology

For you to reach your objectives and have concrete results, it’s better for you to work out with regards to the specificity of your morphology. Indeed, each individual has its body and muscles specificities. It is therefore essential to adapt your training methods and feeding habits with the morphological needs of the metabolism. So, if your body is ectomorph, your goal is to gain weight by doing some cardio and eating calorific foods while avoiding overtraining. For those who have an endomorph morphology, they tend to accumulate fat. It’s a necessity to pay attention to dietetics and thus adapt your workout by doing more cardio exercises with moderate weights. Mesomorphs are muscled by nature and do not retain fat. They must do long and hard training time without forgetting to do cardio from time to time.

A well-elaborated training plan is not enough to maintain or sculpt your body. To obtain the best results, the ideal is to work out based on the type of your body.

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