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Training: frequency, volume and intensity
September 9, 2019
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Exercises and tips for back muscles building
September 16, 2019

You wish to have well-formed and hard abs? Find out 4 simple and effective workouts to have a flat belly.

Doing abdominal sheathing to obtain well-curved abs

Considered as a classic workout to obtain a flat belly, sheathing consists of maintaining a contraction position for as long as it’s possible. Face down on the belly, lean on your forearms and your tiptoes to support your body weight. This position reinforce all your abs muscles and slim down your size. Make sure that your back, legs and spinal cord are straight to avoid any muscular pain. During this workout, it’s important to contract the abs in order to lock the trunk. It’s also advised to control your breathing properly: inhale and exhale with your nose. An average sheathing lasts between 30 seconds to one minute. If you’re able to exceed 2 minutes, it’s already excellent. It must be noted that the workout ends when your knees touch the ground or when your hips sag

Doing half crunch workout to strengthen and build up the abs.

Abdominal crunch or half crunch is a practical and simple workout to build up abs and obtain the famous six-pack abs. Beginners or professional, you can do this kind of workout only if you respect all the instructions well to avoid hurting yourself. Lying on your back, legs curved or posed on a chair for beginners, half crunch consists of flexing your bust to reach your kneecap. During the move, put your hands on your hips and slide them all the hips for each flexion. Don’t forget to contract your bs well and to tuck in the belly for maximum results. Breathe slowly, press your kidneys against the ground and repeat the movement at least 6 times. The head, shoulder and scapula must be well lifted in each movement. Half crunch is a workout that enables to build up high abs properly.exercices abdo

Doing V-sit up workout to make the abs muscles work

Designed to properly sheath the abdominal belt and build rock hard abs, V-sit up is an effective muscle workout. In order to do it, you must first get into a sitting position and lift your legs while contracting your abs at the same time. Then, you must extend your arms right in front of you and try to reach for your tibia while keeping your spine in a good posture. Try to hold in this position for a few seconds, once the shoulder blades are on the ground, repeat the movement several times. Concerning your breathing, you must inhale at the beginning of the movement, block the breathing during the lifting and exhale once you’re on the ground. It is best to do this work out after warming up the muscles to avoid tearing. To minimize any risk of injury or pain, avoid blocking your feet on a stand or putting your hands at the back of your head.

Burn fat and have a flat stomach by doing cardio

Find out how to lose weight by doing cardio workouts that helps you burn excessive fat. Cycling, running, Zumba, body attack or elliptical cycling are some of the main cardio exercises. In the gym, you can do cardio with various equipment such as treadmills, rowers, steps or aquagym. There is therefore a wide variety of cardio workouts that can help you have a flat stomach. All these workouts stimulate and develop the abs while eliminating your belly’s fat. It is also possible to do cardio exercises without running, such as mountain climber. This workout consists of facing the ground with your hands and toes as supports. Then, you must bend one leg and keep the other stretched and bring the knees one by one to the chest.

To lose weight in the stomach area, various exercises are available to you. The sheathing, crunch, V-sit up or cardio, it’s up to you to choose the right workouts that will grant you visible and rock-hard abs.

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