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April 25, 2018
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July 16, 2018

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Full Body

Pack Women’s Indoor Program + Mass Building Nutritional Program 8 weeks

What is the X.E.N.A. program? It’s providing you Shape, strength and femininity.

An indoor program for those of you who want a beautiful body shape and have more strength. This 8-week high intensity training will help you get a finer waist, develop your buttocks and build all the muscles of your body in the most effective and quick way.

Xena the Best Training Program for You

Many women are looking for a well-sculpted body, for the different advantages it can bring. However, it is not always easy for them to identify the best possible actions that bring good results, and that is the main reason why we present the XENA training programs.

What is the XENA program?

The XENA program is a set of methods to follow for your physical training and also a program that supports you to improve yourself as well as possible regardless of your level. Thus, this program is suitable even if you have never started weight training in your life, and allow you to evolve step by step until you achieve physical prowess of which you can be proud.

To be even more effective in its quest to help you reach your dream body, the XENA training program provides you with a range of incredible options. In addition, you have the possibility to choose between several types of planning for the exercises that are proposed, in order to help you find a good compromise with your schedule.

You’re given videos to help you do a better job of performing the actions you need to do for the exercises. There is also a selfie functionality. You can use it to shoot photos of your progressions. To complete the package, you can upload your own playlist to give you maximum motivation.

Why subscribe to the XENA program?

This program will help you achieve impressive results in 8 weeks. Every week, you will see that the exercises that seemed impossible at first seem less and less so. This is one of the reasons why you’re advised to take pictures daily. Indeed, it allows you to see that there is some nice changes at every part of your body, thanks to your training.

XENA is committed to give you the confidence you need to achieve impressive results. Various tips are also given to help you hold on until the results can be seen on your anatomy. So it’s not just a hasty program, but it’s a program that has been designed to add value to the lives of those who want to try it. You must also know that the Xena Program has been there for several years now. And due to its great effectiveness, its fame is increasing and the program attracts more and more people every year. This would not be possible if it performed poorly in helping people reach their goal of a perfect body. So like all of the people that believed in the Xena program once and was rewarded for their faith, it’s your turn now to choose to follow the program and be amazed by the results you’ll get.

So it’s up to you to sign up for this fabulous program that will help you have a body like Xena the Warrior Princess.

Indeed, we specially designed this complete training program in order to optimize each training session and achieve ever more effective movements and sequences that will allow you to get a firmer, stronger, and more balanced body than ever.

Are you ready to take up the challenge and build the body that you so want?

This program includes:

✔ Video exercises, series, rehearsals, recovery, everything is indicated!

✔ Different types of complete sessions adapted to all peoples of all levels of practice!

✔ A clear, precise and EFFICIENT training schedule!

✔ Exclusive content, tips, intensification methods and other updates!

✔ 1 Access to the XENA contest (to win the reward for the brave)

✔ Selfie functionality when each session comes to its end for you to trace your progress!

✔ My current musical playlist to give you more BOOST during your workouts!

✔ Access to the nutritional mass building program. Mass gain is about gaining weight and muscle volume. The objective of this 8-week program is not only to gain muscle, but also weight… The gain of weight is that of a woman who weighed in from 50 to 60 kg and follows a dietary program around 1800 kcal to 2100 kcal daily. This program has been designed by a registered Dietician Nutritionist.



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