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January 4, 2018
January 9, 2018

No Gym No problem

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Full Body

The name says it all. For this program is no gym needed. All you need is little space and some water bottles! You don’t need a gymto get your dream body!

This Home Workout Program is a 6 week long workout plan and functional training routine built to target the entire body and build strength, control and increase energy, body definition and tone up your body without heavy weights.

This program includes :
– Video exercises, repetitions, rest times, all is specified !
– Varied and complete training sessions !
– A complete and specific workout schedule !
– Selfie mode after each workout session to keep track of your progress !
– My playlist to keep you MOTIVATED during the workout session !

My recommendation: combine your training plan with my training + diet pack to achieve optimal results.


You can get your body dream without going to the gym

It is the ideal for many women to have a muscled and athletic body, but many think that to have this kind of body, it is necessary to spend large amounts of money on gym registrations, or to follow diets that include expensive supplements. But it’s not always the case. Also, we suggest you discover how you can have the body you dreamed of without going to the gym.

The Athletic Body, a Highly Popular Ideal

Social networks currently play an important role in our daily lives, and at the same time, more and more importance has been given to appearances in general. However, it must be admitted that appearances have always played a certain role in social life, even if this should not be seen as the only essential thing for people. Having an athletic body is a way to combine a good appearance with something useful and valuable.

With a well-sculpted body, it is easier to take beautiful pictures where you are visually enhanced. But one does not obtain such a body by chance or by paying money to have the desired body directly, it takes effort and time. So it’s something to be proud of, because we were able to have enough discipline and patience to possess a beautiful aesthetic result.

It can also push us to practice a sport regularly, or to continue to do our daily exercises for the simple reason of staying healthy. Also, many go to sports halls specifically for this purpose.

Practice Without Going to the Gym

The sports hall is a place that is gaining in popularity, but they pose some problems. For example, when a gym becomes progressively crowded, it may decide to increase the registration fees for its services. Also, the room is sometimes full, in the sense that it becomes necessary to queue to use the physical training equipment that interests you.

All in all, it is interesting to know that you can still work for the body of your dreams without having to go through this step. In addition, there are different ways to do this effectively while staying at home. Many different exercises do not require the use of equipment, such as push-ups, dips and squats.

You just need to make sure you design a training program that allows you to make progress. Observe which furniture can help you exercise. One way to do this is to use the weight of the bed to do abdominal work, and you just have to wedge your feet under it so that it acts as a counterweight.

Buy Weight Training Equipment for Your Home

While sculpting your body without equipment is possible, there are certain actions that still require such equipment, including pull-ups and crossbars. It’s difficult to find the equivalent of these two exercises when you train without equipment, but it is very easy to find crossbars for individuals. The models generally fit at the top of a door, and are therefore not intrusive in your daily life.

There are also weights that you can buy, and there are of different models and wide variety. You don’t have to buy a whole arsenal, otherwise, it’s more suited for you to go to the gym. Only the weights you’ll surely lift and the crossbar are really considered essential.

You can always decide to gradually diversify the equipment you have at home, and this may be a necessity as your needs change over time. In addition, if you want to upgrade, there are Facebook groups where you can exchange with other sports enthusiasts, or simply buy quality equipment at good prices.

But only having the right equipment at home won’t suffice if your goal is to train and have good results without going to the gym. You must also know how to perform the exercises the right way. Otherwise, your training will only be a loss of time because badly performed exercises won’t bring you the results that you’ve set for yourself. To some extent, they can even be the cause of injuries. So it’s crucial for you to learn how to properly do the exercises you need to do to reach your goal of having a perfect body.

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No Gym No Problem (free eBook)

Program description:  The name says it all. For this program is no gym needed. All you need is little space and some water bottles! You don’t need a gym to get your dream body! This Home Workout Program is a 6 week long workout plan and functional training routine built to target the entire body and build strength, control and increase energy, body definition and tone up your body without heavy weights. This free ebook contains the first day of the program (pdf)


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