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January 4, 2018
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Hourglass Curves Define


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Many of you have asked what my workouts are, how often I train and what some good options are. This is your chance to workout just like I do!

This program is an intense 6 week workout plan with the goal to get leaner without loosing your curves. The exercises are
suitable for every one in every gym.

This program includes :
– Video exercises, repetitions, rest times, all is specified !
– Varied and complete training sessions !
– A complete and specific workout schedule !
– Selfie mode after each workout session to keep track of your progress !
– My playlist to keep you MOTIVATED during the workout session !

“Pack: Hourglass Curves Define Training + Diet”

More and more women are showing interest in having a well-sculpted body, with clear curves. For those who wish to do so, it is possible to find training programs that allow you to ensure that your body meets these criteria.

Why do women want to have curves?

We find bodies of all kinds, and we have women a little coated, those a little thin and the others in between. However, many of them dream of an ideal body, with remarkable curves, as depicted in the media. This presentation of women as having generous curves is not a trend created by fitness companies, but men are naturally attracted to women with beautiful curves. In addition, well-defined curves are a sign that the woman is fertile.

Although we are no longer in the logic of having as many children as possible as was the case centuries ago, it remains a valued quality for these gentlemen, and a woman with such attributes will certainly turn heads as she passes. Thus, having meaningful curves has become the goal of many women, and fortunately for them, there are effective ways to achieve that. Among these ways we can mention, there are different exercises to be gathered in the form of a program, and also the choice to choose your diet with the greatest care.

Which exercises to do in order to obtain beautiful curves?

The key is to refine the abs to allow the waist to be highlighted as much as possible, but it is also a question of promoting the development of this part of our anatomy to the fullest. The exercises are to be done in series, i.e. 3 or 4 series of about 10 repetitions. These figures may vary depending on your resistance but also on your willingness to see quick results. The first exercise to do is a series of squats, and you can also use Hula-Hoop to work on your hips, and the ideal duration would be 10 minutes. Then you can use weights to be lifted at arm’s length, which will mainly be used on the sides.

Doing this allows you to strengthen the muscles of your abdomen, but also to strengthen the upper back muscles including those of the shoulders, which will ultimately come to better highlight the line of your curves. Stretching can also help to affirm the presence of your curves, as it will best highlight the upper part of your body. Doing abdominal exercises on a bench is a great help to make your waist thinner. Finally, brisk walking is also one of the physical activities you can do.

Be careful with your dietso that you can have beautiful curves

Having beautiful curves is not something that can be done simply by doing several physical exercises, and such exercises require a specific diet. Indeed, practicing sports requires that you eat properly if you want to have the desired effect, and for example, it is an opportunity for you to get rid of your bulges if you do not like them, and these are essentially due to the presence of bad fat in your body. Not only can this taint your attempt to have beautiful curves, but it can also pose a risk to your health.

Your diet should include the right nutrients, including protein and good fat, which are essential for muscle building, and this can only be done if you vary your diet as much as possible. A suitable plate should include one-third legumes, third one animal protein and third onefibers. Your main concern should be to avoid eating carbs-rich food. Those kinds of food will go against your goal to lose weight and acquire magnificent curves. So when establishing your diet, carbs must be out of the way. You don’t have to worry about some bad consequences of not eating carbs at all. Unlike protein and fat, carbs role is mainly to provide energy for the body. Apart from carbs-rich food, other types of food can play this role of energy providers.

As for the quantities to consume, it depends on whether you need to lose a large amount of weight or not. But if you eat less, it can help to refine your figure while allowing you to focus on your curves.

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Not convinced yet? Test the first day of my training by downloading this free ebook

Hourglass Curves Define (free eBook)

Program description:Many of you have asked what my workouts are, how often I train and what some good options are. This is your chance to workout just like I do! This program is an intense 6 week workout plan with the goal to get leaner without loosing your curves. This free ebook contains the first day of the program (pdf)

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