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January 4, 2018



Full Body

This is THE gym training program for those of you who want an aesthetic, shredded and powerful body.

This 8-weeks high intensity training will allow you to develop muscle weight efficiently and quickly.
This complete training program has been created by me to optimize every training session.

You will perform even more effective movements and sequences which will allow you to grow muscle, gain strength, motivation and achieve RESULTS in a minimum of time.
But to do so, you will have to GIVE THE BEST OF YOURSELF.

Are you ready to meet the challenge and make MEEAAAAAT?

This program contains:

Video exercises, series, break times, everything is specified!
Varied and complete training sessions suited to any level.
A clear, specific and efficient training schedule.
Exclusive content, advise, intensification techniques and other updates.
Access to the AVENGERZ contest (to earn the Brave’s reward).
Selfie mode after each training session to follow your evolution!
My current playlist to BOOST your training sessions.

Meet Avengerz, the only program you need to achieve your goals

Are you ready to do what it takes for a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Do you want to obtain a result as fast as it is efficient to achieve your objective?

We have what you need. The perfect program: Avengerz!

To achieve the V-shape, symbol of masculinity at its height, everything is in proportion to the shoulders and waist. The shoulders should be wider than the waist.

With an intensive program of only 8 weeks, the related training will not only allow you to sculpt a body of Apollo but also to strengthen your muscles; but the mind of steel is rigorous, only the most tenacious will accomplish their objectives.

Don’t Forget the Diet

It is important to highlight that any physical exercise must be accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet. The exercise package will cause your body to undergo a significant transformation including weight loss, muscle aches and pains due to muscle tearing. It is therefore essential to have a very effective diet in order to keep the body in good condition. Plus, it is also necessary to remember that warmup is very essential, the basis! It will avoid you to suffer from cramps during your exercises.

Results That Lives Up to Your Expectations

You can start by repeating an exercise 6 to 8 times. At maximum effort!

Throughout these exercises, you can reduce the weight but you will have to do more repetition.

Start with maximum weight: this allows you to “boost” your muscles at first—with a more or less latent repetition. Lighten your weights from an exercise to another, but train with a faster pace.

As you go along, you will feel more and more pain in your muscles, not the other way around.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that your weight is reduced, the effort is balanced with the rhythm of these same exercises.

Only with this infernal rhythm, you will be able to have the body of your dreams in less than 8 weeks.

You can stop the program when you reach a desired result but the V-shape is a large proportional difference between shoulders and waist, so the program can continue.

In the meantime, don’t forget the breaks: this precious moment of respite! It is only of short duration but allows the muscles to relax a little.

Beginners cannot have as many breaks as professionals. If you are a beginner, your break time must last 2 to 3 minutes. For those who are a little more advanced, the time allowed for a break is 3 to 5 minutes.

The major challenge

This program presents a series of exercises for all interested people, with varied practices and a regular schedule so that you can be helped and supported at all times.

The advice you will receive will always serve your interest and regular monitoring of your progress will show you how effective the program is. The goal is to provide you with a complete means to achieve your objectives.

Although the system itself challenges you, all the benefit will come back to you entirely because the program leads you to a complete balance. This will allow you to build yourself in no time but especially to keep your body in great shape. But all these efforts will not be in vain since the benefits of good body care affect the mind even more, improve concentration, endurance, daily energy and not to mention blood circulation. You will feel it as soon as you start the program.

Give your body a second wind, a new lifestyle that you will certainly not regret! This is the perfect program especially for those who were looking for a radical change in their lives. While this program was designed to reach a V-shaped body in 8 weeks, it will serve as a basis for how you’re going to take care of your body in the future. After undergoing this program, all you will have to do is to train regularly and you’ll preserve your robust health and aesthetic body.

Videos will be provided to help you better understand how to do the exercises, reading lists to motivate you even more during your workouts.

Everything is included, we are waiting for you so don’t be late!

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Program Description:For those of you who want an aesthetic, shredded and powerful body . 8 weeks of high intensity training! Are you ready to meet the challenge? Thanks to this FREE eBook, you will discover the first training day of this program in pdf format.


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