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Do you want to build up your arms to have them more toned? Find out effective and practical exercises to slim down your arms.

Dumbbell workout for triceps to sculpt and build up your arms

Building up arms consists to focus on biceps and triceps muscles. Designed to strengthen the triceps and muscles in the back of the arm, dumbbell workout for triceps is very effective. Lying on the back or sitting on a bench, first put yourself in a good initial position. Grab your weights and make a precise movement depending on your position. If you are lying on the ground, you should bend your legs with a dumbbell in each hand. Put your Arms in an upright at first, bend and tighten the forearms and repeat the operation over and over again. If you chose to sit on a bench, dumbbell in one hand with an upright position, bring the dumbbell behind your neck while keeping your back straight. Go up vertically and repeat the movement several times. Control your breathing well and execute 4 sets of 20 repetitions at most.

Dips to lose mass on the arms and refine them

Dips help you refine and reshape your arms by focusing on your triceps. In order to have good results, it is preferable to use a chair. To execute the movements in the right way, place your hands at the edge of the chair and keep your back straight. With your feet flat on the ground, start by bending your knees and lowering your pelvis as low as possible. While pushing with your forearms strength, go up and exhale at the same time. You must avoid to push with your legs because your arms must do all the work. Repeat the movement several times to build up the back of your arms. Perform 2 to 4 sets of 5 to 10 dips according to your level and your objective. Keep in mind that dips are accessible and effective fitness workouts that build up your triceps and help you to obtain firm arms.travailler ses bras biceps triceps

Lateral and frontal elevations, perfect workout to slim the arms

The lateral and frontal elevations demand a great effort from the deltoids or the front of the shoulder. This kind of workout helps to build up the upper arms well, as the deltoids are connected to the humerus, the upper arm’s bone. In order to do the lateral elevation in the right way, each hand must grab one dumbbell. Standing with your feet wide apart and your fists turned inward, lift the weights gently. Arms well extended or elbows slightly bent, you must adjust your position according to the weights you use. Raise your arms until they are parallel to the ground. For frontal elevations, it is about repeating the same movements, but in this case the weights must be lifted to chin high. Then, slowly lower your arms and repeat the movement at least 10 times. The lateral and frontal elevations enable you to slim down your arms.

Swimming, an excellent manner to muscle up your arms

Swimming is a complete and effective sport that participates in giving you firm and toned arms. Practicing specific exercises and swimming strokes are recommended to ensure you visible results on your arms. Indeed, butterfly stroke is the ideal when it comes to slimming down your arms. Butterfly strokes are a type of swimming which engage the whole body, especially the arms that are used during traction, pushing and recovery. In a wave-shaped movement, the body’s move must be synchronized with the arms and the 2 legs that move simultaneously in order to produce a small and large wave. It is very important to learn and master these movements. If you are a beginner, crawl is also a good option for you to sculpt your arms and to reduce their weight.

It is truly possible to have thin, firm arms by doing several workouts. Choose the one that suits you best to build up your arms with the right manner.



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