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Build your back: Find out the best exercises and advice with which you’ll overcome your low back pain and have a sculpted back.

Exercise your dorsal muscle to build your back

There are several workouts that works well in building back muscles. In order to build up the whole back, the dorsi flap, trapezius and rhomboids must all be worked on. Dorsi Flap is the main muscle of the back, for you to build it, you can choose among various exercises. Pull-ups, T-bar row is basic exercises that aim to develop the dorsi flap. For building the trapezius, choose to do movements during which you’re pulling or lifting weights in an upright position. Pull down exercises, chin ups and shrugs are based on shrugging which makes the trapezius contracts. Finally, to work on rhomboids or both small and large muscles, vertical pulls are very effective workouts. In a seated position, contract your back, grasp the handles and pull up and down.

Build the lumbar muscles to heal back pain

In order to build up your back properly, you also need to build up its lower part, hence the extension to the lumbar. This latter is a fairly sensitive area and covers the lower back. To strengthen the lumbar, you have the choice between several exercises. If you’re a beginner, you can start from the initial sheathing position and then perform a series of movements focused on lumbar strengthening. You can for example lift your arms and legs with your stomach on the floor. For those who have more experience, there is the bust lift which consists in putting your body in a horizontal position, with your stomach stretched out on a special bench for lumbar training. Heels under your sleeves and your knees slightly bent. The bust must then be lowered by bending the hips. These exercises are also very effective in preventing and curing back pain.exercices dos

Performing back sheathing exercises to strengthen the back

Typical exercise for building the back, back sheathing provides muscle strengthening of the lumbar. This exercise is also an excellent means to diminish the intensity of your low back pain. In order to sheath your lower back, simply lie on your back. Legs bent, take off the pelvis. Here, the aim is to align the thighs, pelvis and trunk while contracting the muscles and holding that position for a few seconds. If you want to use the entire back, retake the position where your back is facing the ground. By using your heels and forearms, lift off your buttocks and hold that position for 30 seconds and then repeat the process. To have results more rapidly and increase the level of difficulty, do not hesitate to use a gym ball. It’s sufficient to reproduce those exact same movements, but with a gym ball under the feet.

Stretching the spine to finish back exercises well

After performing back building exercises, it is important to stretch the spine. The latter is ideal for relieving back pain and ending back exercises the right way. Back and spine stretching can be done in various positions. Sitting on your heels, with your knees open, extend your stretched arms in front of you. Put your head on the ground, take a deep breath and relax. Another exercise for toning spine is to get on all fours. Stretch one leg to the back while keeping your back straight. Then hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat the same movement with the other leg. Yoga stretching also helps to stretch the back. Just sit in a yoga position on your ischial, lift your head up, inhale and exhale slowly. Don’t forget to take a break between each exercise.

To relieve back pain and strengthen the back muscles, there are simple exercises that one can do regularly. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, find the right movements for you to build your back

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