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Isometric training, what is it?
August 22, 2019
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Have you decided to start CrossFit? Discover tips for getting started and implementing a CrossFit program.

What is CrossFit, definition and concepts?

CrossFit is the combination between a set of different activities and a diversified and intense workout with the aim to maintain a good physical state. This kind of workout includes various types of exercises such as cardio, fitness, gymnastics, athletics or weightlifting. There is therefore multiple types of training session that could be successively performed in order have more endurance and muscle mass. When you begin to do CrossFit, you will get to know various sports terms like WOD (Workout of the day) which literally means training of the day. The WOD is generally composed by a set of warm-up exercises, a movement learning or skills and workouts based on speed or repetition. It can be squats, pumps, exercises such as skipping rope, pulling or running. So you’ll get to know a different kind of CrossFit program each day.

Warming up and stretching muscles to start the CrossFit well

For CrossFit beginners, warm-up is a very important stage. Considered as a very intense workout, Practicing CrossFit appeal a lot of effort and physical endurance, especially from muscles. Therefore, do a good warm-up and stretch your muscles well so that you can train in complete safety. First of all, you must know that CrossFit put all your muscles at build up your whole body. To successfully do your warm up and stretching, you must take the right position and do the right gestures. The goal here is to get the muscle used into taking the position it will take all along your workout sessions. It can therefore be legs or arms swing, rotation of shoulders, handles or ankles. Don’t forget quadriceps stretching and basic warm-ups such as knee lifts or slits.crossfit fitness sport


CrossFit workout and programs for beginners

CrossFit is a mix of quite extreme exercise and workout session. If you are a beginner, you should start slowly and gradually increase programs and exercises difficulty. Indeed, you can start with light weights and empty barbells, for example. Start with the leg lift and continue with the battle rope, the rower to strengthen the upper body, push-ups or squats. But in order to have maximum results, you must reach your limits, because CrossFit is a very demanding and effective kind of training. Because in reality, it’s impossible for you to know in advance which CrossFit programs and exercises you will have to do in the gym during a day. It is therefore important to be well prepared and to expect fairly hard training that will concern all parts of your body.

Tips, tricks and mistakes that must be avoided

In order to have a good start with CrossFit and be able to train for the long term, you must focus and direct your attention towards few points. Indeed, the intensity and difficulty of the movements practiced in this type of workout expose you to considerable risks if they are poorly performed. In order to avoid inaccurate actions that could cause an injury, consult CrossFit coaches for their advice. Learn the movements slowly and feel free to ask for additional explanations. It is also important to respect rest and recovery periods in order to come back stronger. Before each exercise, don’t forget to warm up well and reproduce specific post-training movements. But above all, don’t forget to have fun and never give up.

Starting to do CrossFit can sometimes be a little scary. But one only has to know and respects several rules to become a pro of intensive training or CrossFit.

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