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Exercises and tips for back muscles building
September 16, 2019
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September 23, 2019

Back training gives you a strong back and more relief from you back pain by giving you good posture

1. Pull up bars workouts, a very effective back workout.

Chin ups are a pillar workout that must be included in your routine. Just like close grip pull down, it demands you a lot of strength. With this workout, it’s mostly the Dorsi flap and its surroundings fibers that contracts. By having your body in stable position, this workout will strengthen your grip strength. Consider to solicit several articulation, this workout also put multiple muscles at work. As a starting position, you must hang on a pull-up bar. Then, gently pull your chin below the bar, lower yourself down slowly to regain the initial position. Your elbow must have some Flex in order to diminish joints stress. Chin ups are perfect workouts to reach a V-shaped back.

2. Deadlift, a buttock workout that benefits the back

Dead lift is a very effective workout that will help you to get a thick back. Of all the back exercises, this is a very difficult and risky one as its good execution requires an almost irreproachable technique. The movements must be well controlled in order to make rhomboid and buttock muscles work well and to avoid lumbar pain. As an initial position, you must stand and the bar must be positioned horizontally on the ground matching the height of your calves and half of your feet. As if you were going to pick up an object on the ground, pull the bar upwards and near the end of the movement, tighten your back tightly. Hypertrophy effect is what makes voluntary contraction important, besides, the latter also optimize muscle work by increasing muscle intensity. It can also be considered as a buttock workout because gluteus maximus is also well engaged.exercices dos titan

3. Back workout: Close grip pull down

Close grip pull down and Cable rows are very interesting type of back workouts. They are perfect for you if you have a weak back. One must sit, bent his bust by 30 degrees and have his knees and feet stabilized in order to perform the Cable row. The workout consists of pulling the bar more or less low from the starting position with practically stretched arms. By doing so, the biceps and triceps helps more in promoting the development of the internal fibers of the Dorsi flap and its trapezius.

4. Back workout: Cable row

The cable row must be performed in a sighted position and facing the horizontal pulley. Your legs must be bent and you must put your feet on the support.. Take the bar, put your hands in pronation grip and move back and forth by pulling the bar so that you can pick it up.

5. Bent over barbell row

The Bent over barbell row must be performed in an upright position. Keep your knees slightly bent and bend your chest forward by 45 degrees. Your back should not be curved during this workout. Adopt the supination grip slightly higher than the shoulder width so that you can reduce wrist stress. The workout consists of pulling the barbell toward yourself at the bottom of the stomach from the initial position where your arms were stretched. This back workout aims mainly to build up the dorsi flap and the large round. This is to give thickness to your back.

6. Dumbell row

Dumbell row must be performed with a bench and knees bent. One hand stand still and the other grabs a dumbbell with a neutral grip. The grounded leg must be slightly bent and the back must be straight. Bring the dumbbell back to its original position while respecting the same trajectory.

Back workouts are the best way to avoid back pain. To obtain a thick back and a well-shaped body, back workouts are a necessity.

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