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Training according to your shape and its specificity: advice and workout
September 2, 2019
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Training: frequency, volume and intensity
September 9, 2019
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Are you looking to find the ideal leg workouts for building muscled legs and lose some pounds along the way? Follow the guide.

Lunges to strengthen your legs muscles

Renowned among athletes, Lunge is a workout that helps to build up the buttocks. It also enables you to gain Killer legs in the process. Using body weight and may include wearing charge or not, lunge work on the muscles located at the back of the thighs or hamstrings. To practice a lunge the right way, you must first stand with your legs apart. Then, the next step is to put your hands on your waist and to hold your back in a straight position. After that, make a considerable step forward. Now, your legs must be bent in such a way that you’ll obtain a 90° angle in the knee area. With this position, lean on your toes with your back leg aligned with the ground. Your heel should not exceed your toes. Finally, make a push with your legs to regain your initial position and once again have the possibility to do the same move.

The leg extension workout, perfect buttock workout which also tones the legs

Leg extension or machine leg extension is an excellent bodybuilding workout to streng then quadriceps. Simple and effective, the leg extension does not require much effort nor a special technical ability. You sit on the machine and place your legs on the supports as a starting position. You should put your back against the seat in straight or slightly inclined position. On the other hand, you must always maintain your chest in a straight position during the workout. The movement must be executed with the contraction of the quadriceps in order to stretch the legs as high as possible. This high position must be held during one or two seconds before its release and the return to the initial position. You must be cautious during the descent phase and repeat this move to complete your set. You must control your breathing in a way that you exhale during the ascent of the legs and inhale during its descent.

Leg workout: squats for building your legs

Squats are simple and easy workouts that are ideal for building up your legs. In order to obtain the best results possible, the basic position and movements order must be respected. In an upright position with the arms positioned right along the body and the feet apart, the legs should be bent very gently. While making the movement, make sure that you push back your pelvis well to optimize the workout. Once your thighs are parallel to the ground, extend your arms forward to maintain balance. To complete the movement, straighten up by pushing on your heels while maintaining your back straight. When you regain your initial position, you can repeat the movement by executing its components in the same way. It should be noted that to gain legs mass with squats, the workout must be repeated several times.


Leg workout: stiff-leg deadlift and straight leg deadlift

Perfect for working on hamstrings, the stiff-leg deadlift is simultaneously a leg, buttock and back workout. For this workout, you must stand with your feet separated by the shoulder width and your knees bent. Put the barbell in front of you and grab it with your hands apart as wide as your shoulders. By leaning your chest forward, you’re back slightly curved and your legs in a stretched or semi-stretched position, the bar should get along your thighs. When you reach the mid-tibia or the ground, raise the barbell with the strength of your hamstring and buttock muscles. Before raising the barbell, take a deep breath. Then block your breathing by lowering the bar and exhale as you ascend.

While executing the straight leg deadlift, make sure that your back remains straight or slightly curved to avoid injury. To have firmer and more toned legs, you can choose among simple and effective workouts. By using weights or not, do leg workouts that produce amazing results.





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